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Need To Assess Risk Tolerance?
Use StratiFi.

The RIA Industry's Allstar Software.

First help clients understand their risk tolerance AND financial capacity with our questionnaire. Then generate a client-friendly proposal they can actually understand. It's that simple.

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How It Works 

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Understand Risk Profile & Financial Capacity 

Use our questionnaire to gather information about a client's investment goals, time horizon, income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. 

Our system will analyze this data to help you understand their risk tolerance and financial capacity for investment analysis and financial planning.

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Analyze Investments &
Align Financial Plan 

With StratiFi, advisors can easily import their clients' investment portfolios and gain a comprehensive understanding of their clients' investments and risk. 

Compare the risk, return, fees, expense and performance of each investment to identify potential gaps or redundancies in the portfolio, and make informed recommendations to help clients align their investments with their overall financial plan.

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Deliver a Branded
Proposal & IPS 

The next step is to set up a template and help you customize it so your prospects are impressed with the output.

Then we'll generate your first StratiFi proposal which you can use in your next prospect meeting.

Never lose a prospect to a competitor again.

See StratiFi in action

Watch this 2-min video to get an overview of our platform

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Elevate your brand and tell your story

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Compare your proposed allocation against their current investments

Compare new investment plans to current holdings and propose changes to achieve financial goals.

To help clients achieve their financial goals, we will compare their current investments with a proposed plan and suggest changes when they are necessary. This analysis ensures that the investment strategy is aligned with the client's goals and risk tolerance.

Highlight savings in fees and expenses

Attract new prospects by highlighting the potential savings in fees and expenses from their proposed investment plan. By demonstrating how their plan can save clients money, advisors can differentiate themselves from competitors and increase the chances of securing new business.

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Stress test portfolios in various market environments

Assess portfolio performance by stress testing in different market conditions to ensure stability.

By stress testing a portfolio in various market conditions, you can assess its performance and identify potential areas of weakness. This analysis helps ensure that the portfolio is designed to withstand market fluctuations, and that the client's investments remain stable over the long term.

Personalize the output and save time with templates

By creating templates to present investment changes, you are not only saving time; but you are ensuring a personalized output that is on brand.

Creating templates will allow you to save hours a week and let you stay consistent with your brand, maintain a professional image, and deliver effective presentations to your clients.

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$30 Billion

Assets Monitored 


Portfolios Analyzed 



Proposals Generated

Did You Know? 

Visuals can increase comprehension by up to 400%1

Keeping proposals brief can increase conversion rates by up to 70%2

Strong branding strategies resulted in an increase in revenue of up to 23%3

1: Based on a study by 3M Corporation and Zabisco    2: Based on a study by HubSpot     3: Based on a study by ConversionXL


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